Friday, August 23, 2019

3 visual graphic aids Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

3 visual graphic aids - Assignment Example Most of the effects range from the production of allergens, toxicity, lowered nutrition, and resistance to anti-biotic. (Bernstein et al., 23). Research reveals that there are direct effects that consumption of GMO has on the increase of psychological diseases. Figure 1.0 presents a study finding that illustrate effects of GMO on autism. The figure above is a representation of the study that was conducted to examine the effect the GMO had on the children with autism. It was noted that there was a significant correlation coefficient of 0.985. This finding revealed that GMO food had direct negative effect on the mental condition of children. There are several more other studies that have tried to associate GMO with emerging diseases including cancer. It is based on these findings that there has been increased demand by those who oppose GMO to have such products labeled to give consumers a choice of what they want. There has been increase in demand for the GMO products to be labeled. This advocacy has grown for a long period of time. By 1990s some food products particularly in Europe were already labeling their products. Several countries including Japan had insisted on mandatory labeling of the GMO products. (Ghosh, Kakoli, and Paul C. Jepson, 67) However, it has grown ironical that some individuals are opposed to such moves, even with the fact that such move only provide the consumer with a clear choice. Focus has lately been directed to United States, which abandoned the law of mandatory labeling of the GMO products. Critics of the labeling view the policies as impediment to trade and unnecessary spending on research and advertisement. It is also noted that the producers of the GM products are not willing to lose their establishment since most consumers would not want to by the products label with the GM marks. They therefore are forced to change the ingredients of their products in

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