Monday, August 26, 2019

Company IT Upgrade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Company IT Upgrade - Essay Example History Christa group was established in 1988 and was incorporated into Delaware two years later. Since then they have acquired security companies like hightech security in 1998, dimension data in 2000 and many others. They have also worked with like-minded companies like technology associates in 1995, and breakthrough technologies in 1999 to mention but a few. They continue their operations guided by the Delaware state laws. Organizational chart PRESIDENT V.P FINANCE & PLANNING V.P SALES & MARKETING V.P OPERATIONS MANAGER ACCOUNTING MANAGER PLANNING MANAGER MARKETING MANAGER SALES MANAGER DEVELOPMENT MANAGER CONSULTANCY MANAGER HUMAN RESOURCE Departments The company has seven main departments namely; consultancy, development, human resource, sales, marketing, planning, and accounting. The planning department is responsible for formulating long term, short term, and annual development and financial plans for the company. The accounting department is responsible for keep records of re ceipts and expenditures in the company on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. These two departments are headed by the company’s vice president in charge of finance and planning. The human resource department is responsible for hiring members of staff; this involves attracting new employees and keeping all positions in the organizations filled with highly qualified and motivated staff. The consultancy department meets with prospective clients who have requested a new security system, and also look for opportunities i.e. other organizations that would require a new system or improvement of their existing one. This department is responsible for advising the clients accordingly. Another department is the development one responsible for development of the technical security solution suggested by the consultancy department. They also develop systems for individual use. These three departments are headed by the vice president of operations. Two departments under this section of the o rganization are responsible for generation of revenues for the company. The sales department is responsible for attracting and retaining of clients. The marketing department is responsible for the following four main tasks; Provide leadership on serving the clients better Support sales team and distribution partners Manage advertisement and promotions Manage client relations These two departments are under the overall leadership of the vice president sales and marketing. Mission statement To become a world leader in the provision of technical solutions to all our clients. Business model Our business model will outline our strategies to provide the best technical solutions to all our clientele. Our products are aimed at small medium and large organizations. To generate additional funds, advanced security systems for use by the general public will be developed. We have two main departments who will help the company achieve its goals namely; the consultancy department that will offer c onsultation services to our clients and the development department that will develop and implement the solutions provided by the consultation department for the clients. The development department will also be responsible for development of systems for personal use. In this particular case it is of paramount importance to know exactly what the targeted users want. This

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