Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Relationship of US with China during Cold War Research Paper

Relationship of US with China during Cold War - Research Paper Example However, there were regional wars and civil wars in some parts of the world including China, Vietnam, Korea and even Afghanistan (Sinha 8-11). The entire Cold War period was therefore plainly dominated by international affairs. The history of US relations with China can be traced back to the time during the Second World War and after the Second World War. During the Second World War, the U.S government helped China win a war against Japan in 1937 when Japan first invaded the Chinese territories bordering the coast. This was the beginning of a relationship between the two states. Japan invasions on China did not stop even after the war of 1937; Japan still continued to attack the Chinese territories along the Coast. The American president at the time-Roosevelt further pitied China and what its citizens were being subjected to by the Japanese and decide to offer more military aid (Jonathan 412). Something that really annoyed the Japanese and provoked them to launch an attack first on a British vessel ferrying American citizens and later on Pearl Harbor- United Sates Territory of Hawaii on December 7th 1941. This forced America to retaliate with full force and signified the entry of America in the Second Worl d War. Despite the financial support and military aid to China during and after the World War Two, the Chinese leader of the time-Chiang never liked the Americans. In fact he remained quite suspicious of their motives and interests in his country (Jonathan 413). At this time, even though the Chinese leaders had allowed Americans in China, the two nations differed significantly on ideological grounds. With American continued spread of democracy in different parts Asia, China advocated for nationalism, Chiang himself openly claimed that the ideology of democracy was practically impossible in China and went on to even introduce a ban on democracy in China (Jonathan 415). In a different

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