Friday, November 8, 2019

The Bush and Kerry Run for President essays

The Bush and Kerry Run for President essays Since the beginning of the presidential campaigns the two candidates knew very well how important the Hispanic vote was going to be on the Election Day. That's why both parties have used every possible resource to win the Hispanic vote. Latinos, the biggest minority group, have to take the responsibility of voting for the candidate who they feel has the best plan for the Hispanic community. The best way for the Hispanic people to choose the right candidate is by educating themselves on the policies of both parties. For example, one issue that concerns Hispanics is the unemployment situation. During the four years of Bush's term, 385,000 Hispanics have lost their jobs, and unemployment has increased 39 percent (John Kerry Asks Hispanics for Their Support 1). The deficit of the country is at its highest with $445 billion. Bush's plan is to cut expenses by eliminating 65 domestic programs that would help people with alcoholic problems and give secondary school counseling (Gonzales 4). On the other hand, John Kerry wants to create more jobs containing higher pay. Kerry says that Hispanics represent 18.9% of those workers that would be affected by increasing the minimum wage to $7 an hour by 2007 (John Kerry Asks Hispanics for Their Support 2). Kerry says he would cut the deficit in half within his first term. He wants to change many of the tax cuts made by Bush, but will keep the ones that benefit the middle class the most (Gonzales 4). According to the article "John Kerry Asks Hispanics for Their Support," Health care is another important issue that concerns the Hispanic community. 12.8 million Hispanics were without health insurance at some point last year (2). Bush has created a program that expanded Medicare. This law helps the elderly people tremendously by providing more prescription drug coverage. However, Bush's plan hasn't benefited those who don't have insurance. Latinos are 33 percent of these people. Bush prop...

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