Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Advancement of the Internet Technology

Information technology is said to be playing an important role in various sectors in a particular society these sectors may include the financial institutes, research institutes, learning institutions and other development sectors globally.The invention of the internet as a mode of communication has made every development successful since most of the developments require skills of using the internet and computers at large.It is therefore through the internet services provided that enhance the success of the people’s access on the present public service, library services and even marketing through the internet which globally referred to as the e-commerce.Research indicates that currently information is processed using computers and disseminated to the recipients through the internet, this internet technology is found to have improved the peoples understanding of information in many sectors of development.This idea brings in the advantage of using the internet technology to many people who are provided with material information on the electronic formats that have proved to be easy to get, revise, read and understand.Also this information is stored in large quantities which make it cheap and simple for the interested party in getting the specified to get it at once, compared to the process of going to libraries and reading a lot of books in order to get the required information (Connor, 1999)Therefore, for one to access the information provided on the internet the user is expected to enter an inquiry on the web form that is provided, after which it is sent to the web server, the web server then sends the question to the index server cluster which is meant to match the inquiry with the available documents.The match is then sent to the document server cluster that plays the role of retrieving the documents so that it can generate the abstracts and the copies of the information that is cached. Then finally the document is displayed by the web server to the use r where he is enabled to get the information required.This advancement of using the internet has basically enabled individuals to have a better access to good resources of the needed information. Research shows that by the use of computer technologies, preferable learning materials such as journals, newspapers, books and many academic articles can be obtained through the internet.This access to information through the internet is found to be the most important factor in many organisations, whereby individuals   have the sanction to store the retrieved materials using devices of storage.Such as flash disks and diskettes which enable them to retrieve and use the data easily compared to the early years where people used to keep so many books in their bookshelves and when the individual requires a particular information he was forced to through the whole lot of books s that he gets the information needed, this method actually proved to be time wasting and tiring . (Parries and Jeffay, Dec.2002)Under this technological advancement, we find that there are many developed web sites that are meant to allow many people to get access to many expanded sites that have new approaches of information regarding their area of interest.An example of these sites is the Google website, which is recognised globally and it is also said to be among the best search websites providing search services for the customers who are interested in getting particular websites; research indicates that google is the leading service provider to both the individuals and its customers applying the internet technology in their daily activities. (Knupfer and Muffoletto, 1993)  This google websites is specialised in the use of hypertexts, which is used where there have been an interest of putting the written literature into a computerised text that usually involve hypertext editing; through this we find that the text is always organised in a manner that particular initials are assigned to particula r literature matching with the users requirements for the resources According to research we find that.There are almost over two hundred thousand computer networks of the google company   which are spread all over the world, allowing many people to access it. Besides accessing files on other computers within the organization, an individual can run software located on all the computers that are enabled with the software.This therefore makes communication among the people easy and efficient, for this case we find that the hypertext matching analysis is always put in mind when the fillings of a particular information is being stored.The characteristics of a particular page such as the title, the font style and its content are proved to be very crucial in the matching of the hypertext. The other method used by google is the scalable core technology which was created with an objective of performing calculations for over ten thousand servers globally. (Knupfer and Muffoletto, 1993)Googl e has enabled its technology in finding the complex files through which the use files which do not occur by the use internet formats an example of such formats are the Microsoft word, the post script formats, rich texts among others.The services also offer a number of solutions to particular problems like the misspelling of words in the questions provided; this is actually used to enable the searching easier. (Parries and Jeffay, Dec.2002)The internet technology has brought in the use of electronic mail technique, which has brought an extreme change in the modes of communication.Here, we find that the costs that are always incurred when an individual conducting a particular research are reduced since moving round, calling through telephony technology and even writing letters to reach a person who may be having information on a particular topic of interest are avoided. The internet allows an individual to communicate to a number of people at the same time. (Connor, 1999)

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