Friday, September 27, 2019

Habits of Highly Effective People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Habits of Highly Effective People - Essay Example Covey’s ideas can be applied to this field because they are very simple and practical guidelines which can easily be applied when tuned to specific organisational work culture. Organisations have their staff which they manage to ensure their output is maximized; this is done by inculcating Covey’s concepts among the employees. This helps in their personal and professional development (Kerzner, 2001). The following are the three of his seven habits that can be applied to project management: Begin with the end in mind: this is the most important habit since it sets the overall goals that one wants to attain in any venture. When one sets out to start a project, the long term goal is set at the conceptualization stage. Setting a vision for any proposed project or business venture shows clarity of purpose and is always enshrined in company constitution. When a company sets out to introduce a product in the market, a thorough market analysis is conducted to check if it is indeed feasible. Customer feelings and needs form part of company vision as they are the ones that ensure its success by purchasing its products (Ross, 1995). Project management provides the timelines for executing tasks and ensure schedules are followed to the latter. A company notes the requirements it needs to start a project, it then notes the available resources at this concept and development stage. After this is done, then it will be easy to follow through the plan rather than skipping some vital yet ignored stages for instance, setting organizational goals. Put first things first: this entails breaking down the tasks and assigning each component execution time in the order of priority. The management has to sit down and decide which responsibilities require a quick implementation time frame; they then schedule their tasks based on this. This

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