Tuesday, September 10, 2019

President Obama and Agenda for Possible Second Term Essay

President Obama and Agenda for Possible Second Term - Essay Example Over the years, through the development of broadcast technology, candidates are given an opportunity by the media to sell their policies through a public debate. This platform helps them to improve on their campaigns, and it assists the voters to evaluate also the candidates. The communication advisor is necessary during the campaign period because he advises the candidate and party on what strategies to use to ensure victory in the elections. As a communication advisor in the Barrack Obama campaign team in the current elections, I would suggest prioritization of some issues during the final weeks of the campaign. This essay will highlight the current trending issues in the country’s politics, and advice on some arguments and the positions that the team should emphasize on. During the final campaign weeks, some issues should not be emphasized on as shall be pointed out in the essay; moreover, the last weeks of campaigning are prominent in gathering the votes of the undecided v oters, and developing trust from the voters on the direction, which the country should take. Political structures are social structures in the society; therefore, the campaign teams need to consider the social dynamics in the society for their success. The key factor is that campaigns involve communication of messages to the public with an objective of getting their support during the elections. Therefore, it is necessary to design the message to appeal to the voters (White, 2010). In addition, the social judgment theory applies to every person because people hear a message then they compare it with another, and they make a judgment on where to place it in the different mental categories. Further, people develop some mental yardsticks (Latitudes) of acceptance, rejection and non-commitment to a message. Therefore, in the case of Obama’s campaign, one needs to know what and how to communicate messages to the public in order to persuade them towards the desired direction or vot ing. In Obama’s campaign, the use of persuasive social skills to influence voters is easier than in Romney’s team because Obama has excellent, persuasive skills through his speech. Persuasion and influence of people is necessary in all the social theories, and is essential to getting people to accept the party’s political ideologies and policies. In the current political campaign, the candidates are contesting in their campaigns on several issues. Some of them include foreign policies, energy, education, healthcare and the economy. In this presidential campaign, I would suggest that the issues to do with foreign policy and energy should not be focused on by the Obama Campaign team during the last weeks towards elections. This is because the policies and suggestions on these issues are not different to the ones used in the previous four years of the Obama Administration. Therefore, based on the consistency theory, people do not expect them to change so the campai gn should focus on other, different issues (Clarke, 2008). In the economic, education and healthcare issues, there are many differences in policies between the candidates and hence, the campaign should emphasize on them in order to develop proper social judgment from the voters.

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