Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Reaction paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 15

Reaction paper - Essay Example This movie follows the war in a systematic manner whereby there is periodic music that supplements the letters. The movie starts in a very jovial and interesting manner on the beach and boys singing. There are kids diving into the waves and coming up wet, on the shores of the beach there is a cooler of beer placed under a palm tree .This place is called Vietnam looks to be fun and happy place to be. The soldiers are very excited and carefree you would think they are kids or high school children. There is also a soundtrack behind the scenes of the voices of the soldiers express through the words they wrote in their letters (Edelman 2002). They are speaking of the confidence they had gained in order to fight and the developing friendship as they were each brother’s keeper. They also say that Vietnam is a world very different from the American cities; most of Vietnam is covered with vegetations and thick forests that look scarily. This place cannot be compared to the towns and cities they left back home. It reaches a point when war gets very tough and the voices of the soldiers drastically change and you can sense some pain and sorrow in their tone. There are soldiers being injured very badly, they bleed profusely and eventually die due to the gun shots and boom attacks they get from the enemies. Some of the soldiers don’t get the chance to survive they die while others are left seriously wounded. The words in this movie are of the soldiers themselves, most of the images in this film are taken from TV news footage of the war. There are also soldiers cleaning their weapons to get ready for the war. Most of these soldiers did not survive as they died in the war. The friendly South Vietnamese and the hostile North Vietnamese get into war and in the process they wound and kill many U.S. soldiers. In retaliation U.S. considers a nuclear response. The letters range from poetic ones to bitter and sarcastic ones .This movie offers an emotional scene with a lot

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