Monday, September 16, 2019

Topic-Morgan Stanley’s Return on System Noninvestment

1. Morgan Stanley underinvested in information technology because CEO of the firm, Philip Purcell believed that the market’s comeback would happen slowly and therefore he focused his business strategy on maximizing profit instead of generating revenue. 2. The merger of the Morgan Stanley with the Dean Witter proved to be unfruitful because it created a digital, cultural and philosophical divide which was extremely difficult to overcome. 3. The strategic objectives of information system are as following-:  ·   The overwhelmed broker desktop workstations have been replaced by new systems which are better integrated with backened systems so that brokers have a better view of client portfolios.  ·   New systems have been uploaded so that brokers will have access to all relevant client data at once, including transaction history, contact history and portfolio performance.  ·   The company also rolled out a new tax reporting application that automatically reconciles gains and losses and allows user to download information from its client website into popular tax programs.  · The quality of the website was upgraded i.e it was made more attractive and informative as per customer demand.  · The salaries and expense accounts of the brokers were increased.  ·   The intellect executives have been assigned the task of managing the firm. 4.I would provide the following services-:  · Free online form for investors.  · Credit cards will be issued.  ·   Financial transactions will be allowed using Automatic Teller Machines(ATMs).  · Standing orders and direct debits will be facilitated so that payments for bills can be made automatically.  · Online deal with the clients which will save a plenty of time. Yes, according to me the Morgan Stanley’s plan for an integrated client information system are worthwhile because it generated an income of dollar 1.96 billion in June 2006. 5. Other than new system, following amendments have to be made at Global Wealth Management Group to restore profit and revenue collection-:  · Introduction of senior executives in the main management of the company so that it will be knowledge as well as profit oriented.  · Frequent schemes should be laid down for the customers which seems to be beneficial to them.  ·   A tight management to strictly follow all the rules of the company.  ·   A customer friendly environment should prevail. References topic- â€Å"banking services† dated 19th june 2007      

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